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Any opinions on Meyer hatchery or Mypetchicken.com?

Discussion in 'Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries' started by Chiko, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Chiko

    Chiko Songster

    Nov 25, 2010
    Orem, Utah.
    I'm going to order some Hatchery chicks this year as soon as I find out what hatchery is the best. Does anyone have any opinions about Meyer Hatchery, or Mypetchicken.com? Or any reccomendations on Hatcheries? I can only pay with a money order so if I can't pay with that, don't tell me.

  2. BlazeJester

    BlazeJester Songster

    Aug 2, 2011
    Midway, GA
    They are the same. Order through Meyer as their prices are lower. Both are obscene for shipping charges, but that's what it takes to get just a few chicks to you alive and well.

    MyPetChicken offers sexed bantams and is the only drop-shipper to do so.

    How many chicks are you looking to order? From Ideal, the shipping is essentially free once you hit the $25 minimum order requirement. If you're going for more expensive chicks (or about 12 "regularly priced" laying pullets), it works out to be just a few chicks as well - though they will often send lots of extra males for warmth in cooler weather.
  3. mammat

    mammat Songster

    Mar 29, 2009
    columbus ohio
    I love Meyer- their birds are great quality! I have never had a chick die or get sick from them. I have ordered from them for 4 years :)
  4. sjcshawna

    sjcshawna In the Brooder

    Jan 22, 2012
    Fordsville, KY
    I have ordered from meyer hatchery several times over the years. They are great especially if you just want a few chicks.
  5. Vamvakas

    Vamvakas Songster

    Sep 30, 2011
    North Branford, CT
    I didnt like Meyer Hatchery, there chicks die after 48-72 hours when they seem healthy at first, atleast for me.
  6. sjcshawna

    sjcshawna In the Brooder

    Jan 22, 2012
    Fordsville, KY
    i never had any of mine die from any hatchery i have ordered from. I guess i just got lucky. Sorry to hear that, im so sorry.[​IMG]
  7. Lynndaybrown

    Lynndaybrown Chirping

    Sep 23, 2011
    I have never ordered from Meyer so I can't comment on them but I have from My Pet Chicken and so far the 14 chickens I've gotten from them have all been the females I ordered ( Still not 100 % positive on the 3 silkies yet- but they seem pretty hennish and haven't crowed by 14 weeks) Of the 14 I've ordered from them about half are bantams also so I've really got nothing but good things to say about them and for what it's worth I've already placed my spring order with them.

    I have photos of many of them on my website/photo blog - everything but the Barred Rocks & Buff Orphingtons ( got them at a southern states) are from My Pet Chicken

  8. Chiko

    Chiko Songster

    Nov 25, 2010
    Orem, Utah.
    I heard MypetChicken isn't their own Hatchery...Not sure how that'll work out.

    Meyer's shipping is a bit high, I'll look at Ideal and see their shipping costs. I'm looking for around 35-40 chicks.
  9. ChickensAreSweet

    ChickensAreSweet Heavenly Grains for Hens

    I have ordered from Mypetchicken and was pleased.
  10. DelcoChix

    DelcoChix Songster

    Nov 12, 2009
    Central Ohio
    I wouldn't hesitate to get more chicks from Meyer Hatchery. We've ordered a variety from them the last couple of years and have not lost one (during their baby stage!) . I have driven up there to pick them up so can't comment on their shipping but their facility is very nice, the people are great to work with and I would definitely recommend them. They have a great variety, I love their catalog (kind of like a wish book) and being able to get most of the chicks sexed is wonderful (except for the bantams). Good luck whatever you decide.

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