Any other homeschoolers on here?


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Apr 2, 2008
Just wondering if any of you are part of the homeschool crowd. We've been part of this misunderstood fringe society for over 6 years now. My daughter just graduated high school. It's a pretty big moment considering I taught her most of what she knows and she's turned into a pretty cool young adult all of a sudden.

So....anyone else a homeschooler??

Hello from Arkansas.
I homeschool my children. My daughter attended a Christian School last year...but when we moved to the parsonage...too far.
She is in 3rd grade, my son is in pre-school.

Which method (s) did you use?

Edited to add: The method we use is Abeka DVD
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Hello I live in Georgia .. moved from Alaska ... I have a 7year old that is homeschooled ..never been to public school .. always a pleasure to meet other homeschooling parents ... yay !!! Grats on your daughter I know you must be proud !!
Hi back at ya from Colroado!

Oh jeez - which method didn't we use! LOL.
I'd have to say mostly eclectic - but we leaned towards classical in a lot of ways. Most of the time I pour over curriculum months in advance - (I had next year's stuff picked out in January!) and then pick the stuff that either worked well in the past or try something new that seems to fit out style.

My oldest who just graduated was my lab rat - poor thing - but she survived and has jumped into the adult world with gusto. I can't believe I'm responsible for that! It's cool.

My youngest is almost 11 and will be in 6th next year. I would really like him to get into an elite private school come 9th grade - on scholarship of course - so we will be working on making an impressive portfolio for the next three years.

I hear good things about those Abeka DVD's, lots of people on the HS forums like them.
Thanks and Hi!

That is awesome that your 7 year old has never been to PS! I wish I had known about HSing when my DD was small. When I pulled her out of PS after 6th grade it was for safety reasons, a few weeks later I realized that all that honor role stuff she got is 6th grade was fabricated. She had never been told to memorized her multiplication tables, yet she had been getting A's and B's in math? Go figure. She still struggles but has come a long way - and talk about self confidence - I really don't know where she gets it but she has enough for 10 teenagers!
We homeschool our three and have since the beginning. We love it, and yes the flexibility is marvelous. We also usually get done in 2 hours--which is SO doable since it is more of a tutoring model. We HS year round so that we have the flexibility to take off time when we need too, not when the calendar says too. We use We travel a lot so we kinda have to HS.
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We homeschooled 3rd and 4th while sailing, and hope to take off again and homeschool grades 8-11 or 12. I've been putting together curriculum and gathering materials. I want to make sure to take full advantage of the cool people/places/sites/history/nature we'll experience while sailing, so it makes it a little more difficult (can't just buy a packaged curriculum). I was daunted at first but am pretty excited about it now. Here's what I've been collecting so far: anyone with expereince with these PLEASE chime in (we're set on using secular materials):
Math- we collected all the Saxon stuff and then DD decided she vastly preferred the presentation on teh Teaching Textbooks... so now I'm hunting those down on the used market. Pricey!!
Science- So far: Glencoe CDs/DVDs for "Physical Science with Earth Science" including virtual labs; Glencoe Biology with virtual lab CD; probably some Glencoe AP classes like Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Sci.
For Spanish: Rosetta Stone I-II; then Glencoe Arte y Vida (level 4)
Vocabulary from Classical Roots B-E
and I've been looking for second-hand CDs from the TEaching Company (both high school and college lectures) to fill in. Probably will end up using Glencoe Social Studies as well, but I really want to focus on the SS of where we're travelling, too!
I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old I will be (or am, really. Schooling starts at home) homeschooling. Probably unschooling. Glad to meet any oher homeschoolers out there!!

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