Any other Trial watchers out there?


11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
palestine texas
I will be watching the Casey Anthony trial starting tomorrow. I have always been interested in the criminal justice arena. I find forensics fascinating. My Dad was in law enforcement, while I was growing up. I worked in corrections for over 8 years. I read True crime books. Watch Forensics type TV shows. Any one else?

I also find forensics interesting. This trial, I believe is going to be very interesting. I know some people that are involved with attorneys, judges etc in this and I think it is going to go one of two ways. I think she is either going to take a plea deal, so the details do not come out. Or she will go ahead with the trial and we will find out that it was not as we thought. Don't get me wrong, I think she is guilty, it is a matter of exactly what she is guilty of.

I watch TRU TV and have always loved 48 Hours. I do watch CSI (all of them) but the "Forensics" on those shows is not at all real. One of my best friends was a CSI for a few years, he got burned out and is now a "regular" cop.
Crazy, interesting day!
Defense opening statements were Good..... Aahhh..... but fizzled on cross examination of George..........What was Baez Thinking??? Prosecution is making Baez look dumb as a rock. After both opening statements, it sounded like two different trials. I'll have to give day one to the Prosecution.
Just a reminder: while all this is a shock to the public, the prosecution was well aware of all this information long before they decided to take this case to trial. Which means there is more to come.

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