Any other victims? We all have a story...

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    I know that many may consider this a conspiracy but there are way to many victims to just disregard the evidence. My story is just one of thousands.But we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves and just start from the beginning...

    To someone passing by, everything my seem to normal around my house. Small family in a small house. A little land to wander on. Pregnant wife crocheting while two little girls chase 8 chickens. Sounds nice huh?

    It started with peeping noises when my family went to a ranch supply store. On the way to grab some work pants, we turned the corner and there they were. So small. So soft. Getting tired of bugging people for their fresh eggs and the encouragement from my 3 year old, we walk out with a box of pullets and the necessities.

    Everything was going as planned. They were healthy and growing fast. Little did we know that they were learning and plotting. And then we starting noticing the signs. What started as simple feeding and pasty butt checks has turned into a complete takeover!

    OUR CHICKENS HAVE LEARNED MIND-CONTROL!!!!!! They have me digging up fresh worms with them in their "garden". They have me cooking food for them to go along with the unlimited supply of organic chick starter and free range bugs. They got so good that even they get me to share my chia and quinoa. I also find myself just sitting the family and watching them for long periods of time.
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    And to those who need proof...[​IMG]
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    Apr 19, 2016
    Central Alabama
    Makes you wonder......are they really chickens???????
    If not....what planet are they from??????????????????
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    Apr 14, 2016
    Yes my little 4 flock has grown to 10. Of course they needed more space in the run and a larger coop. The amount of feed cost and amount of fruits and veggies goes up. I decided to get a nice comfy chair to watch them longer. Even got tiki torches because I just find the need to watch them perch lol.

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