Any photos that would help in sexing Marans or Buff Brahma chicks?


14 Years
Jul 12, 2008
I'm going on Friday to pick up some new chicks (hooray!). I've got Marans and Buff Brahmas coming in and I'll have to pick my 2-3 out of the (assumed) pullets bin. I've read some on Marans, but I've only been able to find the Feathersite picture of the difference between roos and hens. I'd like to see a few more examples before I go to pick them out. (We can't have roosters, and two years ago I had to give away my 3 (YES, ALL THREE!) beloved SLWs because they turned out to be roosters . . .)

Also, I've heard conflicting reports on whether or not the Buff Brahmas can be sexed by color. If they can't, can they be sexed by feather length? Or, anyone with BBs know of a good way to up my chances of getting a few pullets?

SO, any pix of proven pullets or roos as day-old chicks from these two breeds?


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