Any pictures of a hoop houses for goats?

sandy sea

Mar 19, 2008
Rogersville MO
I was just reading about hoop houses for goats on Backyard herds. I forgot my password for that sight so I thought that someone on Backyard Chickens would have a hoop house. I have my two goats in a 24 x 24 pipe corral with a tarp over part of it. I was planning to purchase a used shelter, but read about the hoop shelter. Anyone have pictures of a hoop house? Should I just build a shelter for them? Pictures of what ever you keep your goats in from the weather would be great. Thanks

la dee da

Dec 18, 2008
I don't have pics or info on hoop houses, but you can get your password back from BYH. Just go to login and click on the "forgot your password?" link. They will send you a new password instantly via e-mail, and you can go and change it if you want to. I forgot my password once as well, but was very, very easy to get back

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