Any Redlake MN People Here? **graphic** ***updated information***

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    This is a tragedy and tribal elders need to be contacted so that the person or persons involved are prosecuted.

    copied from petfinder

    Dog fighting and dog baiting is going on...legally!

    We got a call this morning from someone who rescued a little blonde cocker spaniel boy from a known dog fighter on the reservation. The dog had been found dragging himself down this mans driveway. He has a compound fracture of his leg between the hock and stifle. He is covered in bite wounds and his muzzle was taped shut. I haven't seen the dog yet, just told them to take him to our vet and one of our board members met him there

    He has deep puncture wounds in his ears. His front feet are chewed on, but no bones broken. Has a lot of bruising in the abdomen and around his throat. His left back leg was literally shredded- there are parts of the muscle missing and presumed eaten- the vet said it looks like the dogs knawed on his leg.

    This is great news or at least a start

    got a call today from an elder. He was very upset. He personally went to the persons house that William was found near. They denied anything, but showed Buck where their 2 dogs were living. They were large chow/pit mix type dogs, on chains and their only shelter was to crawl under a junk car. Tangled around the chain of one dog was blonde fur and there was blood and scrabbling marks in the ice.

    The 2 other dogs were underweight. Tribal police were called and the 2 dogs were confiscated. They are charging this man with "destruction of tribal property" as the cocker was claimed to be a stray, and thus tribal property. Our local office of the organization has gotten hold of us, as has our rep from the AHA- both of them are going to working with us to get this publicized. AHA wants a copy of the video I'm doing to use for educational/promotional stuff. organization is going to work with our rescue and the tribe to make a task force to identify problems and create solutions.
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    That is just terrible, that boy needs to be put in jail [​IMG]
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    This is so terribly sad [​IMG]
    I just got done reading to the end and He william the Cocker spaniel Died! [​IMG]
    I just don't understand how some people can be so uncaring and un human! It's just insane.
    That poor little dog had to go thru such horrible pain for God knows how long, Poor Poor little William. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Oh God! [​IMG]
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    That is just so sad [​IMG] I hate hearing stories like this especially about poor helpless animals. I sure hope whoever did this ends up paying in the end.
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    I hope the local papers pickup this story, it was suggested to the OP to get it in the news and on craigslist.

    'free to good home' isnt always a good home. I didnt want to offend anyone by posting this, was just wanting people in that area to realize what is going on and to take action
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    It's a sad world we live in. [​IMG] That s*** has got to stop. I hope the news gets this story. Poor dog. I'm just gonna spoil my pets a little more now.

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