Any Silkie breeders in Tri-state area of NY?

Debbie W.

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12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
Does anyone know of any silkie breeders in the the NY, NJ, Ct. areas? I'm willing to travel to buy.
I have some silkie chicks now and more hatching from good stock from BYC members if you are interested. I also have others that will reach breeding age soon that I will be selling eggs from.

Thanks for answering my post. I'm new at this.

I live in Cold Spring in Putnam county, and I'm looking for pet quality silkies. I would love only females, but I know how risky that is. (That's why I have 2 silkie roos now). I've raised chickens for years, but silkies remain my favorite.

I would like to buy about 6 in a mix of colors. I'd love a bearded silkie or two. I'd prefer slightly older birds, but I can raise chicks if need be. I don't mind traveling to you.


Debbie W.

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