Any Student Nurses or EMT/Paramedic's out There?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Iowa Roo Mom, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Hey y'all... My nursing classes are in full swing (again) and I was wondering... Are there any others out there? Also, when I am finished with school (about a year and a half from now) SO is going to take his Paramedic to RN bridge program (he's already a paramedic), and I would like to get my EMT cert. I also plan on taking the TNCC course once I pass my NCLEX-RN. I have worked as an ER tech and I KNOW that it's where I want to be.

    Anyone else taking classes? Anyone else stressed to the max? It ain't easy, let me tell ya! I kind of want to pull my hair out each and every day.

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    My hubby is a certified EMT for the state, not nation wide. He has to renew his license this year but doubt he will because he is working full time and no money for school or has not done any EMT classes for a good while to "refresh".

    I have the feeling that basic EMT will phase out. EMT-I and paramedics are in very high demand. EMT-B ended up doing "Geritol runs" as my hubby puts it. I just don't see how bad it is but it depends on how bad he needs the job.

    I hope my hubby does not get the EMT jobs, it would not be a good fit for him because he was recently DX as "mentally ill". Takes a strong minded person to do the task on hand, quick on his feet in bad situation in a split second. Hubby just can not do split second decision, he has to stop and think what should he do first without waiting for someone to come over and direct the crew what to do. AND he does not respond well to stress at work or at home. He loves to help people but I think he would be best just to do basic first aids that are non critical. Also he has boundary issues that got him in trouble a few times by the ambulance service as they called those kind of people as "wanna-be's" that could jeopardize their jobs when those offending people don't listen. We have that dime a doz up where hubby used to live at....must be the poisoned water they drank. lOL!
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    Well, I'm a nurse--but nursing school is way behind me. I am retired now, but still have vivid memories of my nursing school days. They were long, stressful days trying to get everything done and not make any mistakes. Thank goodness for understanding, good-natured patients. All of us thought it would never be over, but graduation day DOES come!

    In those days, the RN licensing exam was a two day affair, done with pencil and paper. Nowadays, it's all on a computer program.

    I worked in cardiac med-surg for many years, then switched to nephrology and worked in dialysis for the last 15, first in the hospital, then in a free-standing clinic. It was by far the most satisfying job I had, but it takes a long time to get on top of it.

    Never cared for ER, Labor & Delivery, Psych, or Pediatrics. The good thing about nursing is there are so many different areas to work, so it's easy to find something you love.

    Good luck to you in your studies.
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    I started out as a Civillain in a Army Emt program - Got a Phlebotmy Cert an STNA and I am now an LPN - I taught Pharmacy Technolgy for ten years in two schools I have an associate in Liberal Arts Social Science I am looking into Bridge programs to complete my RN and no I don't miss the stress - I finished LPN school in 97 in NY so we learned care plans etc...It was awful lol When I graduated my son said cool clean socks --
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    Hubby got into Phlebotomy course until the hospital dismissed him for saying a "bad joke" and he got dismissed by his teacher. He was getting good grades and all that. I knew he could have excel in that course and pass it. Another dream gone.

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