Any success with Congenital Tremors in Chicks?

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    Apr 15, 2017
    Iam new to chickens and yesterday got a few from Tractor Supply. There was a sick one and I asked what they would do with it and they said it would go to the, I asked if they would let me take it and try to give it a chance. I have had her for 2 days. It appears to be Congenital Tremors. Her legs shake, she is unsteady and falls over easily and sleeps on her side with her head turned funky. She is able to drink on her own. I haven't seen her eat on her own, so I hand feed her every few hours with a mix of canned cat food, canned pumpkin, scrambled eggs with probiotics, vit B and Vit E. She happily eats. The 3 other chicks seemed to have doubled in size while she remains small. They occasionally stampede her, but somehow she holds her own. I have been reading as much as I can and most sites say that chicks with congenital tremors die within the first week. I am wondering if anyone has had a success with a chick like this? What they did to help the chick? If it ever recovered/healed? etc... Thanks. I want to give her a fighting chance.

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