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    Feb 1, 2013
    I am new at raising chicks, but am sooooo excited as I've always wanted to as a little girl. We do everything naturally minded in our home, and are finally ready to raise chicks, I know they need to be inside for the first 60 days until they get their feathers- which gives my hubby plenty of time to build their coop. I have been researching like crazy, but figured I'd asked suggestions as experience is the best teacher- First of all the breeds I am considering are Orpingtons, leghorns, americana, plymouth rock and rhode island red. I'm looking for a friendly birds with my children but able to manage the Mo winters and summers, and I'd like them to be pretty steady egg layers. I'd also like a beautiful bird as they will be my biggest hobby and "family member". Suggestions on good breeds? Can I mix breeds like that, will they get along? How many should I start with? I plan on letting them be free range for the most part after boundaries are made and they know their safe zone and depending on their tempermant etc. Also any natural or organic homemade chicken grit recipes? Thanks so much!
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    I started with the 'feedstore assortment' just to see if chickens were right for me.One chick from each avialable breed.I ended up with 1 white rock, 1barred rock, 1black star, and 1 new hampshire red.They worked out perfect to start out.I get 3-4 eggs daily and they are all real sweet, well exept the star she's pushy but a real character and fun to watch.This year I'm expanding with 30 very assorted breed chicks coming in April and May. If I had to pick just one of my 4 breeds I'd go with the rocks, they seem to be the easiest going and don't mind the cold as much as the others.
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    Such EGGScellent advice insanity!

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