any thoughts on sex of these silkies? guesses welcome

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    I have 3 silkies that will be 5 weeks old on monday i beleive. I've been monitoring this site for sexing silkies because i'm looking for signs to sex mine as these are my first silkies. Someone said you can sex them with the lengths of their toes by taking the outer toe and comparing it to the length of the 3rd toe and if they are even then it is apullet if one toe is longer then a roo. Has any one tried this because i did and if it is correct i may have 3 roos. I wanted to know if anyone else has tried this and then have this technique proven when the silkies are laying or crowing? Here are some pics.

    This is Shelby [​IMG]

    This is Perla she has spikier head feathers and is taller[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    This white silkie is Marilyn [​IMG][​IMG]

    This is Perla (spiky head) next to Marily[​IMG][​IMG]
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    I have 15 babes running around with 3 moms . 2 of the moms have babes about the same age as yours. I have noticed that if they are born with an established top hat then they are female. Males- colors kept separated- usually have longer beaks. Males tend to be mamas boys and stick close.
    I am taking pics to try to establish who is who- as they age. I see at this age in a few of my white chicks a difference in tails. I am noticing round tails and oval shaped tails. My guess--- for now--- the rounded tailed chicks are female.
    Pics 1 and 4 I see no head feathering standing up, in some of my earlier males this meant male...... In others with it as in pic 4 it was male...So To let you know It really is too early to tell. I have never had luck with toe length.
    When they get to be 2-3 months older you will be able to tell. Watch for the following hat comes in rounded= female, the head feathers start to curve back over the heat= male. Females -more compact- round while males will continue to look thin while they start to get taller.

    I have much better luck determining sexes between 21/2-31/2 months of age....go ahead and pm me then.
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    Well, using toe length to sex birds is a new one on me. I'm sure it is accurate, though--50% accurate. [​IMG] Vaulted skulls have nothing to do with gender.

    Wanttobefarmer, your silkies are several months away (at the earliest) from being sexable with any accuracy (unlesss you want to spring the $$ for DNA testing).
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    Well I appreciate the comments. It is just too early to tell. Perla should be bearded as she has the puffy cheeks that is really what I wanted. I don't mind trying 1 rooster, but i don't want 3. Depending on how this goes I'll prob just find a local breeder and get a breeding pair that is bearded and have my own. That is what i shoud have done to begin with I don't mind paying the money now i'm waiting to see what is what even with no beards. Oh well. thanks and I will repost when they get older.

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