Any Toxic Native Grasses in California for Chickens?

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    Jun 22, 2011
    I purchased my property two years ago and bought my first ever two teenage chickens one year ago. My approximately 2,500 sq. ft. big yard is totally lacking of grass due to too many trees and poor quality soil from how the previous homeowner had not taken care of the yard at all for 23 years. I have been feeling guilty for my chickens that there is no grass for them to enjoy their natural lifestyle, that is if they are actually supposed to have grass in their natural environment. Nonetheless, i actually prefer that my back yard has some kind of native grass to the central valley (specifically Sacramento valley) in California. However, i wonder if there are any native grasses of this central valley in California that are toxic to chickens. Are there any?

    Due to limited budget i am on, i cannot afford topsoil that the yard actually needs thus i plan on just buying native grass seeds and just sprinkle them atop the current soil and let nature takes its own course considering how plenty of chicken manure the yard has been getting for fertilizer! Note: I only have two chickens and have no plans on getting more, so they got a nice big space to themselves along with a coop that is set under my back patio on concrete.


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