Any venterinarians or vet students who may be willing to answer some questions?

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    Hey guys! I graduated with a bachelors of science in Biology in December and I am planning on applying to vet schools over the summer. Looks like October 2nd is the magic date this year for applications!

    I've been casually looking through lists of schools in the US, and had a few in mind, but realized I have to have a list of four by tomorrow so that I can get my GRE scores submitted to them. It's not that big a deal to submit scores later, but it is $23 a pop, so I figured I could save a few bucks and have them submitted tomorrow. I am planning so far to apply to Cornell, Penn Vet, Tufts (all relatively close to my home now. Furthest is about 4 hours away) and Colorado State University. I would like to apply to Texas A&M, but I need to do some more research about their requirements so I can add them later.

    I take my GREs tomorrow. I am really nervous about it because I don't feel too confident taking standardized tests. I probably should have studied more, but I guess I will see how I do tomorrow and take it again in 60 days if necessary. So far it looks like my GPA is well above the average for vet schools and I have plenty of animal/vet/research experience. I am also trying to volunteer with an avian vet this summer because that is ultimately what I would like to get into.

    I am really nervous about the process because I know getting into vet school is extremely competitive. I would love to find someone (or more than one person) who has gone through the process and can give me some tips. I have so many questions, but haven't had many people to ask about it. Many of my friends are applying or going through med school and while the process is similar, it is still completely different!

    Thanks in advance! I hope there is someone out there who can help me! (If you have kids going through vet school now, feel free to comment as well! I am also worried about the cost of vet school, especially since every school would be out of state for me. I would like to know how others handled the cost.)
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    Can't help you with any of your questions, but Sourland is surely wishing you the best of luck! [​IMG]
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    My brother is a vet. I do not know his GRE and other grades/test scores, but i know he ranked among the top for vet schools, but because of affirmative action, he was rejected to the vet school at OSU. He had to wait a year to reapply and at that time he was accepted.

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