Any vets around? Bunny in pain. After vet visit med question.

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    My rabbit had a leg injury (cause unknown). The vet said it's not broken and prescribed rimadyl for pain. It is still three hours until his next dose, But he is showing signs of pain. Can I cut the doses in half and increase the frequency to every six hours or is that not going to give him relief with half doses? Signs of pain include; limping and favoring, laying on side (way) more than usual, respiration of 106, teeth grinding, and quiet squeaks from certain movements. I don't have a thermometer, but his food and water intake are okay and his urination/defecation seems to be returning to normal.

    Elmer (bunny) would be very appreciative for your help. I would appreciate it too.
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    I would not alter his treatment until you are able to speak with the vet. Given that he is eating/drinking and putting out waste it isn't *that* concerning that he is not being active -- remember, some pain is a good thing as having no pain often results in doing too much which can further the injury and prolong recovery.

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