any way to fix a spraddled leg in an adult

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    I have lots of chickens, but only 2 guineas. The lavender a, male I think, has developed a crooked leg. This started when he was a couple of months old. It slows him down, but does not seem to be a huge issue. I suspect a slipped tendon. Is there any way to correct his leg at this point? these birds are very flighty and not easily handled which is why I have left him alone before now. I feel bad for him though and would be willing to put some effort into helping him if it won't do more harm than good. I appreciate any suggestions.

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    Can you post a picture of him?

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    It's probably just splayed leg. I have an adult male guinea like that and he gets on fine. I don't think you can fix it in adults. The only way I know of fixing it is tying the ankles together and knowing guineas, he will probably get the string tied into a knot or trip over it or something. I think he will be fine if you just leave it. The only way splayed leg will get in the way is when he's fighting with other guinea males. If you just have a male and female guinea, then he will get used to his leg and probably still rule the roost. If you want to tame your guineas then give them food and treats, crouch down and talk to them, then hold out treats from your hand and let them see the chickens eating from hand.

    Hope that helps :)

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