any1 w/ wood ducks,you wouldnt happen to have pics of there growth....


9 Years
Nov 27, 2010
Marysville Ohio
development would you?
mine are a little over a week old.
would love to have some pics of their growth if you have it.
thanks alot,

Two days old woodies in the front mandies in the back

Two weeks old woodies and call ducks

Three weeks old regular woodies and Apricot woodies

Six weeks old
You can see in the last pic by six to seven weeks old you can start to tell the sex. The one on the far right is starting to get the white stripe running up the side of his head just behind the eye. The hens will have no stripe and start getting a white ring around the eye.
The pic was taken under a pine tree. The ducks in the background are a pair of Blonde phase American Widgeon, they are starting to moult so they look kind of ruff.
How do those come about ive seen them on your website and i was kinda interested in them oh and i wanted to ask but do you need a federal permit for color variated birds that are native such as silver woodies or silver bahama pins
Yes you do need permits for color mutations. The mutations do happen even with wild birds I can't recall which book but I have seen the blonde widgeon in a book and the picture was of a group of wild widgeons with one blonde in the group. When this happens with captive birds they are bred back to birds that carry the gene and when bred together they through the mutated color.

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