Anybody buy from Sandhill?


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Jan 11, 2007
Blue Ridge, VA
I've bought from them twice and gotten birds from someone who purchased from them.

The ones I purchased... a buff laced Polish rooster and some cuckoo Marans pullets, were nice quality and the Marans laid eggs with decent dark coloration.

I ordered white and black Ameraucanas from them this spring. Of the 5 black, the 2 black cockerels grew in red everywhere, so I gave them away. Of the 3 pullets, 1 was blue and does not have any beard or muff. The 2 black pullets appear okay. They shipped 3 of 5 whites I ordered. (They sent me a credit for the 5 whites, saying they had introduced a new rooster and had off colored chicks.) The 3 whites were a very pretty splash pullet, a white cockerel with green legs and a splash cockerel with red in his hackle/saddle feathers (whom I also gave away).

Someone else I knew was ordering and I got them to order me 5 more whites this summer. Out of those 5 whites, I got a white pullet with a normal comb, a white cockerel with red feathering in, a nice pair of splash and a funny colored splash, that is growing in some gold.

I wouldn't recommend the Ameraucanas if you are wanting quality. The birds are nice, just not quite what I had hoped for. I will put all of mine I keep in the EE pen.

But, I have heard good things about them and I am happy with them overall.
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Sugar Sand Farm

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Apr 24, 2007
North Florida
I ordered from Sandhill this past year. We ordered polish,orpingtons and cochins. The first order had problems as they were having hatching problems due to the cold. They replaced my order and I am vry pleased with the birds. Some of the polish do not have the best feather patterns but others are beautiful.I ordered 5 blue orpingtons and got two blue pullets, one black pullet and two white one pullt and a beautiful white rooster. They are extremely large at 22 weeks old The cochins are also beautiful they have fully feathered feet and are the calmist chickens I have ever seen. They actually purr when you go into the coop. I will order again from them I just wish they sold chicks sexed instead of straight run. Hope this helps. Micki


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Aug 2, 2008
South Central KY
Thanks. I have a lady to get Dorking eggs from, but I'm thinking of getting more from Sandhill, later.

I also want some good quality Delawares, and Buckeyes. They don't need to be SQ, I'm not going to show them, but I want good, healthy stock, with good bloodlines. I don't want diluted production run hatchery stock. I have a breeding project in mind, and want to start with good birds.

Any ideas for other sources are welcome, and if any of you folks raise any of these breeds and would like to sell fertile eggs, please tell me!
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