Anybody care to guess color and/or gender? Muscovies!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by cornerstoneacres, Aug 5, 2014.

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    Two of our hens hatched these out in June and they are starting to feather out. Wondering if anybody has thoughts on what colors we might have here? I did see a thread about sexing them. When I took these pictures I didn't get any leg shots but I guess I'll have to look tomorrow and see if I can tell. (There are 6 ducks here.....we sold the rest!) Our drake is black and white and one of the hens is was black and white and the other was a blue I'm pretty sure there are a couple of blues in there, but I'm not familar enough yet to discern between blue, lavendar, silver, etc.
    ETA: The adults were given to us this spring. I am just learing so forgive me if they are poorly marked or feathered specimens.....I still think they are awesome and pretty. We are raising mainly for meat, but the colors seem to be like a prolonged gift opening session LOL.

    . [​IMG]

    The dark one at 12 o'clock I'm pretty sure is black and is a drake. One of the "yellow" ones looks like it might be a buff or cream and the other is feathering out with maybe a silver color?


    Could this one be a buff? or a cream?



    Same one: Buff?
    Same one. Buff?
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    What colors did your ducks end up being? I know this is an old post, but I would love to see how your buff or cream turned out as an adult.

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