Anybody ever heard of these breeds?

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Apr 24, 2007
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I saw an ad in the Florida market Bulletin. A man is selling Spanish/Jerezano and puerto rican Toppie chickens. has anybody ever heard of them. I sent him an email to see if he had a picture. Sounds interesting
No, sorry.
If you have pictures can you post them here? thanks or sharing
I've never heard of them either, but that means nothing. I have heard that Mexico has many chicken breeds that we don't have here. Never confirmed that either.
The guy sent me pictures but the dang computer won'tlet me download them. Feathersite has some Spanish but I/m not sure that what these are I will go to my daughters and see if i can download them over there. Tomorrow.
I saw Toppies at the Tennessee Valley Fair. They have topknots, not as large as those on Polish. I read somewhere on the net that they are used for cockfighting. That's all I remember!
Here's a toppy hen and roo. I had to do some digging to find them.



Apparently, these are bred and used for cockfighting, and there are actually a couple of well known farms in the US, although if you're not in cockfighting circles, you probably wouldn't know about them.
They are game breeds. Please don't think everyone who raises game breeds are cockfighters though. Game breeds are intelligent, athletic, beautiful, confident, breeds that are disease and predator resistant
In general they make excellent parents, yes roosters too, I've had roosters steal the chicks from momma and raise them himself and many more who make it a duel effort by sitting on the ground with the hen on cold nights and catching bugs for the babies. What makes games so special is their indominable spirits, they never admit defeat... that translates to a lot more than pit fighting. Rooster will attack hawks and other predators to protect their hens, hens will attack predators and sacrafice themselves to protect their chicks. It is a two way relationship with these breeds and that means that you need to be prepared to work on it. They aren't for everyone but if you spent time with them everyday you'll be rewarded with their personality quirks, curiosity and acceptance.

Heres my old American Game Toppy hen named Fruit Loop... she attacked a coyote to give her 9 chicks time to run for safety
Here is a half American Game, half Spanish Jerezano...

The Spanish fowl are smaller than American Games, and come in all sorts of colors and styles, (toppy, henny, muffed, rose combed, etc...)
The gentleman whose add you responded to has beautiful birds. His white toppies are cool with their red faces really standing out on them solid white bodies with that white topknot poofing up....
Possibly OT but.. as a kid we had some game chickens from an uncle.. he said they came from actual stock used in pit fighting. He didn't fight them just let them loose and never fed or watered them(they did very well in spite of this).

They were obviously game type plus the roosters were extremely game(even the little chicks would get in bloody face swelling fights with their clutchmates). Looked like tall OEG except all of them had muff and beards and most had pea combs although single combs were present. Curious if they could have been a line or a game breed like these Toppies?

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