Anybody had this happen?


obsessed with "ducks"
11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
Went out to my duck pen and was pulling grass and weeds from around the electric fence when I saw a squirrel sitting there with his hands on the wire and mouth on it like he was chewing it. When I looked closer he was dead as a hammer. Now I know a cattle wire will kick good but this is the lowest voltage they make.havahart ss-725cs light duty.It says "Recomended for pets and other small animals. Ill say
I thought my son sat him up like that as a joke but I knew he didnt when I really had to pry his teeth and hands from the wire.
Yup I've had it happen. Had a hot wire along the bottom of a chainlink fence to keep the dog from digging out and it went out on me. Nothing wrong with the unit hmm.
Squirrel had crawled through the chainlink and grabbed the hot wire while still having it's back legs on the very-well-grounded chainlink fence. As far as I can tell, only a danger to very small animals (rodents and songbirds in my experience) when they are very well grounded on the regular fence. My uncle used the same fence charger for his cattle, and songbirds would sit on the hogwire fence and peck the hot wire and get fried that way. Never personally had it happen with an animal that was on the regular old dirt.

They say that it doesn't happen with the pulse type fence, do you know if yours is pulse or static state? Mine is old school static state - never had much luck with the pulse type myself.
It was damp and ita continuose curent type. Yep its killed a coupla birds. The first time I turned it on a squirrel jumped on one of the wooden post and when he touched that top wire he did a backflip,hit the ground and staggered up the tree

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