Anybody hatching this weekend?

have 2 broodys, one setting on 10 cuckoo marans, 2 hens setting on 10 BCM eggs and 115 barnvelders eggs. They choose to sit together. That might be a big mess. Than my bator has 42 egges in it cuckoos marans eggs and bcm egg 1 olive egger. Haven't had much luck lately hatching eggs, power outages temperature drops. I am praying for better luck this time. Haching time 5-31 or the frist
Good luck; hope you have a great hatch
I have some that will be going on lockdown May 31st & June 1st.
HATCHING in bator and under broodies. 1 bROODY HATCH 8 CUCKOO MARANS out of 10 eggs, the last 2 weren't fertile.... Were I have 2 broodies sitting on the same nest I am not sure what happening there. 6 barnevelders hatch one egg kick out of nest and some bcm hatching. Tomorrow will tell more. 1 barnyard chicken hatch 10 but the cats and the coyette got them early this morning,
So I'll have to collect up the rest of the chicks and put them in pens. Have a long rabbit cage to keep them in.
Done for awhile. the twenty frist I have blue copper marans and Easter eggers form blue eggs hatch Maybe

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