Anybody have an almost adult Australorp Roo

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Weatherford, Texas
    Okay so I am super impressed with Ideal Poultry, when I bought fourteen Australorp hens - that is exactly what I got! I mean they guarantee that %90 are hens. BUT, I was expecting at least one roo.

    Frankly, I love the breed so much though that I was hoping for that ten percent chance of getting that one. I really, really thought I had one too! The comb and waddles were larger and it seemed to be somewhat dominant. Didn't like being held as much, etc. I thought for sure I had a roo! I was so excited! [​IMG]

    Well I just saw it sitting in a nest box for the second time! [​IMG]

    I thought the first time it was just investigating the nest boxes. No such luck.

    So my question is does anyone have a nice Australorp Roo in the North Texas area? Say west of DFW metroplex etc. Hopefully younger so the intergrating is easier? I am happy to trade or buy. Just want him for breeding and he nees to be pretty sweet. I have a five year old. I will put him in the stew pot if he is mean.

    Thank you!

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