Anybody have any idea on how to treat red & swollen legs/feet on chicken

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    Ok We've been dealing with this since forever. Have light brahma roo. Who is my absolute favorite. His legs have been red and swollen for awhile. I asked my ferrier he thought it was his natural color, but I could try putting WD-40 on him. I didn't wont' to put that on him so got to looking on line, and saw you could use cooking oil. So I did that with no results. I then thought well if it's mite I could do DE powder again no results. The day before Thanksgiving he started limping. Took up to the feed store, and they said some type of fungal infection. Which made since as we had a very wet summer. Most of pasture was under water. Chicken run was wet for a while. So I bought this stuff called Nu Stock. Been using it since then. He stopped limping w/i a day or so. But still way red. Used up a whole tube of the Nu Stock asked the guy @ feed store if I should use it more often & was told to back off using it. B/c it takes a while for the cells on their feet to heal. This am he was starting to hold his feet up again, and they seem more swollen. It did rain this wknd, but no standing water. So I did Nu Stock & DE powder this am. I wanted to take pics but it was 5:30am and didn't won't to wake hubby trying to get my phone. Will try to pics tomorrow as you won't be able to see anything with all that paste on them. Any ideas would be very helpful. Just don't know what to do at this point. It seems we're back @ sq one. He's the only one with this issue.
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    I can assure you that if you were dealing with scaly leg mites, the Nu-Stock wouldve taken care of them pronto. DE is useless against scaly leg mites. Check the bottom of his feet for bumblefoot...round dark in color scab(s) on the bottom of the footpad.
    Swelling can be caused by several things, as mentioned; scaly leg mites, bumblefoot, also gout, and mycoplasma synoviae (MS). Usually there are other symptoms that occur with MS. Gout can cause joint swelling too. Another possibility why your roosters legs are red is because his hormones are flowing, perfectly normal for a healthy rooster...springtime must be near. Pics would help.
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    There is a thread on BYC called The road less traveled...and back again. A lady named Beekissed had these chickens with swollen legs and feet that she was treating with epsom salt soaks and Nustock. She had an ongoing problem with it on one chicken, but it started getting better. You might look through that thread (it is closed for new posts) to see if you can get more info. She said there were glands in the feet that were swelling I think.

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