Anybody have laying hens they need to get rid of near Northwest Missouri?

Dec 8, 2020
I'm in Missouri just north of Kansas City and I am selling my roosters hoping to make room for some laying hens. I would love to have White Jersey Giant hens or another white egg layer that produces a large egg but would consider barred rock or red hens too and others. If you have any with a means of getting them to me or me getting them somehow from you please let me know I may be interested. I would consider trading a White Jersey Giant Rooster if you were interested too. Thank you
I didn't much think anybody would either but never hurts to try does it? lol I have six cats, 2 poodles, 8 roosters and 3 hens. Pretty full household will definitely be eliminating some roosters somehow soon probably. I have managed to sell two of them already so that's a good sign.

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