Anybody here a Robert Jordan or WoT fan?


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Jun 18, 2008
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I am a huge fan and have read and re read ALL the books.I am NOT so patiently waiting for "The Gathering Storm" to be realeased on OCT 27th.

Anybody else a fan?
My husband is. He has been going back and rereading the entire series. He even somehow has managed to con a friend into getting him a signed by the author copy for the new one.

I'm a fan of the story, but Jordan's writing got a little too wordy for me about mid-way through the series. (I'm the same with anything by Tolken, love the story, can't stand the wordy.)

We are both looking forward to how the series is concluded.
I liked the first few books of the series but the female characters just struck me as too iritating. Yuck. They all seemed like all nags.

I think Jordan was trying to make them strong but they just came off as annoying. There was also something flat about the female characters that frustrated me. The boys seemed to have some depth and I actually really liked all the male characters.

I actually wanted Nynaeve to die. Really, I couldn't stand her. She was such an iritating little know it all.

I did think that the plot was good and that the Jordan had a very good writing style. Like I said, I made it through several books so I did like the series up to a point.
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I like it sometimes. Robert Jordan strikes me as having problems with women, and I kind of got a bit tired after book 6 or so, but I did read them all and would really like to know how it ends.
I love them. I am hoping that it is in the same style as the others. You never know when someone else is trying to do it. My DH loved the Dune series, but hates how Herbert's son writes, but still gets them, anyway.

I just hope I'm not disappointed.

Well regarding the Characters, the last book in the series with Matt and the Daughter of the 9 moons has me on my seat. I can't wait to see how that progresses.

I agree on Nyneve, she IS annoying. Egwene can be too. But I think that is just Jordan having a bit of trouble with a female point of view.

I do believe Matt and Thom are going to try to bring Moirane back, so that should be a good read too.

As an overview I believe Jordan was trying to get male/female power saidar/saiden back together to before they were broken.He really gets you with adding in the different nations/peoples and different points of view.

I was also very interested In Balwer the spy who worked for The Children of the Light but then after his lord/boss was killed, went to work for Perrin/Faile.

I SOOO hope the new author can stay true to Jordans style.

I picked the 1st book up because DH brought it home FREE.I am an avid reader but had NEVER EVER read fantasy. He had by page 10.So I then TRIED to read Tolkein and I just can't make it thru his books.

Liked the movies but just can't get thru the books.My Dh laughs now because he brought home book 1 and I voraciously read them all and that turned me to other fantasy authors and I NEVER would have thought I would like that stuff.I was more a history/non fiction gal.

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