Anybody in Eastern Ohio take special-needs birds?

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  1. Professor Zachary

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    Mar 18, 2011
    My brother and I have a pretty little Barred Rock mix who is unable to walk, due to a problem with his/her leg. [​IMG]

    He/she was my brother's first hatch. The leg seemed fine at first, but then it seemed to give out as the bird got older. Bro tried tying the legs together with a band-aid, but I think the bird must've already been too old for that.

    So, in short, the poor little sweetheart needs someone who can give him/her special care ( <that was the third time I did the him/her thing... I'm not sure I can bring myself to call the bird "it").

    We are too busy with all of our other animals and endeavors and we feel bad to see the little bird suffering, trying to walk and stumbling.

    Please PM me if you think you can take this sweet little bird, or would like a pic. [​IMG]

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