Anybody in Mchenry County, IL?


11 Years
Mar 8, 2011
Unincorp. Cary, Mchenry County
Please contact me if you live in unincorporated Mchenry County, IL. We are starting to gather support for an attempt at an ordinance change. Please if you live in this area and are willing to help, reply to this post or send me a message. If you have already been in contact with Anna or I, please just keep checking back for new information to follow. We have started to get the ball rolling. Thank you so much!
I'm from the next county over, in Lake County. I wish you guys luck in getting your ordinance fixed!
There is a group of us showing the documentary "Mad City Chickens" at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake. The Screening will be on June 28th at 7:00pm in the Conference Center. There will also be a presentation and a Q and A session. Please join us for the evening and show your support. This event is sponsored by: The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County, MCC Lou Marchi Total Recycling Institute, and McHenry County Transition. Thank you in advance for attending.

do you have anything still going on with trying to change ordenences in mchenry. im in unincorperated mchenry in mchenry county.
We had quite a push a while ago and things kind of fizzled out. There was much work to be done and too few people putting forth the required effort to keep growing as a credible group demanding change. For right now you should check out the Mchenry County Unified Development Ordinance. We were told, a while back, that this would be our best outlet to set forth certain ordinance changes. We had the help of a few local groups such as Transition, etc. but it seems the push has been halted. I'm not sure who is still involved or what has recently been done. For myself, I started a family and a new career and have been extremely busy since. I'd love to get the ball rolling again and would be interested in discussing our options. If anyone else is interested, please reply to this thread and lets see what happens.
Thanks Andy for the info I will stay in touch over the next week or do and see what comes of this post. If you are in mchenry please join us.

Google "Mchenry County UDO" you'll find a draft copy of the changes in the ordinances. refer to page 191 to read about the chicken part. anna called me to let me know about this. we might want to look into who to contact to show that this language should remain in the final copy of the ordinance. let me know aht you find out.
I am looking in to this and will post my findings please do the same if you hear anything.
Thanks ken
So I just got off the phone with Darrel in planning and development and he was super nice and gave me a bunch of info in regards to the unified delvelopnent ordinance draft.

The first meeting with the zoning board of appeals who over look the draft set forward by the village will be on sept. 19,20,and 26,27th this is for administrators of the county but before the meeting the public can voice their opinions. After a second draft is made there will be a public meeting which has not been set yet. We can voice our opinions now by emailing the county board members. The head member is Tina Hill who can be found the the county web site. We can also check the progress of everything going on at if you have any othe questions let me know I will be in touch with them as this goes on. Hope this give all of us a little hope as to finally getting this changed.

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