Anybody in NC with mallard, rouen, or wild duck eggs?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by iamcuriositycat, May 27, 2010.

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    I'm helping our nature center set up a duck egg hatching exhibit this summer, but part of their mandate is to educate regarding native birds, so they really want ducks that are native--or at least LOOK native--to our part of the country. I suggested Rouen (because they look like mallard), mallard, or other wild breeds. Obviously, my Runner duck eggs are not going to look native!

    So I'm trying to locate someone who has a breed of duck that is either native in NC or LOOKS like a wild, native bird, who is willing to donate a dozen hatching eggs to this project.

    The project is for the McDowell Nature Preserve nature center. I'm donating the use of brooding supplies and of course my expertise. I'd donate eggs too if I had the right sort. If you're interested in donating but need confirmation of the legitimacy, I can gladly put you in touch with the staff at the nature center.

    The eggs would be needed in mid-July, and at the end of the project (late August) you could receive the two-week-old ducklings in return for the donation if you want them, or I will take them and find them homes.

    If I can't find someone to donate duck eggs, I will probably donate quail. But duck would be better because they take longer to hatch, so more people are likely to have an opportunity to watch the process. Quail hatch so quickly, very few people would have an opportunity to see any of the action.

    Thanks in advance for any help or leads that might help!

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