ANYBODY?? Is it possible to sex 6-wk old Ameraucanas? Pic Heavy!


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Aug 12, 2008
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These four chicks are definitely people oriented and we're having a ball with them. We hatched them late August from eggs I received from Pips n Peeps. I suspect the splash is a roo but would like your expert opinions. Thanks so much!

Big dark blue and splash chicks.




Splash chick solo


Big dark blue chick solo


Light blue and tiny dark blue chicks


Light blue, tiny dark blue and splash chicks


Light blue chick solo

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They are nice looking little birds. I have a bantam EE'er and a full size girl. I think they are a great breed with alot of personality. I wish could help more but I'm a newbie. I'm sure someone here will know. Keep it sunny side up!
I don't see any obvious males, though the splash could go either way. The combs are narrow, not red and raised as males would be, but you might have a late bloomer in there. Had one who fooled me up till 11 weeks old, had an unusually narrow comb for a male, but most of those narrow combed ones are girls.
look very closely at the comb structure. 1 "ridge" = female; 3 ridges = male
But my females all have three ridges....

I think this is a breed of bird that should not be sexed until its growing or laying. lol. Theyre so ornery and secretive about their sex.
Thanks Speckledhen! I am a fairly new "newie", and appreciate all of the good info on here. . . . I't amazing how much I have learned about chickens in the past 5 months!
Thank you everyone for the comments! If it ever stops raining, I'll be out examining comb ridges. The comb on the splash is definitely more red than the other three. I have two more little splashes in another pen (from the same batch of eggs) that were hatched by my broody bantam RIR, and their combs are a bit redder as well. I'm so hoping that I don't have 3 little roos, but I've seen a few folks on here say it's been the year of the roosters!
From the first picture the one to the left looks like a roo and the one on the right looks like a hen.
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