Anybody live in Florida and do you have a game farm license?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by underground chickenman, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking about adding some quail to the poultry mix, but I read where Florida requires a $50 game farm license to raise them. If I apply for the license, will somebody actually come out and check out my "facility" or will they check to verify appropriate zoning? It's not the money. I just don't want to be discovered. I don't mind violating a stupid zoning code that prohibits poultry, but I don't want to stiff anybody out of any fees, even though I think that's some crap too. Any feedback will be appreciated, especially if you are in Florida.
  2. monarc23

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    Jul 18, 2008
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    so lemmie get this straight where you are you're not legally allowed your chickens even? If so that's a shame!!!! I think every place should allow poultry. Are you looking into coturnix? or what kind (just curios what you're getting and what your plans for them are)! [​IMG]
  3. No, I am not zoned for it, but I have 8 living peacefully in my backyard not bothering anybody.

    I want to start with Coturnix, as my research tells me that is the easiest and most economical to begin with. I plan to raise them for meat and eggs.

    It just seems silly that I have to have a game farm license to raise a few quail in my suburban neighborhood.

  4. monarc23

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    Jul 18, 2008
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    Quote:For coturnix I think it's completely silly when people need a license for them as they are not native. Here in PA they are legal without a permit and they may actually be in your area as well. [​IMG] However, I can understand in florida why they are concerned about those sort of things as if they get loose they stand a better chance of surviving though coturnix have a low survival rate for several reasons not to mention they migrate LOL.

    If you're already undergroudn with innocent chickens, and want some innocent coturnix I say go for it [​IMG] Just make sure they are penned well so none escape and deffinatly never let them go (freezer camp is better) [​IMG] As long as you're not planning on selling them and only keeping them for your own enjoyment I dont see an issue with it esp if it's coturnix or button quail. Bobwhites is different (as is other native quail).
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    Need a license in FL? Maybe to sell commercially I wonder, but I've never heard you need one to raise for your own "consumption". I may be wrong on that, wouldn't be the first time. Where'd you hear you needed one. What part o' FL you in?

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    I live in Florida, and I've got 10 Coturnix Quail. I've never even knew we had to have a license, at least for the amount I have? [​IMG]
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    I have heard that you do need a licence for game and waterfowl, at this time. But I've also heard that could change soon, I never got one and have had no problems..
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    I live in florida and i'm not allowed to have any chickens but i have 38 chickens(4 being roo's lol), 1 guinea, and 7 quail so idk i guess i should just keep quiet lol.
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    I live in Florida and have about 40 quail in the back yard and several in the freezer that needed an attitude adjustment. My neighbors think it's great that the whip-o-will are starting to return to the area. They don't even know I have the quail but they can hear the roosters crowing and they think it's wild birds. I also have chickens that free range all day and so far no one has said anything.

  10. I have just discovered that a rule change is pending that would exempt 50 birds or less (except waterfowl) from the license requirements in Florida.

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