Anybody raise Jersey Giants?

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  1. I recently bought some jersey giants from a breeder as fertilized eggs that are due to arrive today. I'm very excited but know nothing about them except they are big. I have a few questions.
    What is their temperment like? How big actually do they get compared to an austrolop or other large standard layer. How is their laying? What do you like or don't like about them?
    Thank you
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    Quote:They have a sweet temperament, they do get very big, my Maggie is almost 9 months and she is big. She lays a large egg almost every day but surprising my Black Sex Links lay a much larger egg. They take a really long time to mature but they are really good birds. She has a much deeper voice then my other girls, she sounds kinda like a foghorn. Here she is.


    The Date is wrong on the camera, the dummy behind the lens forgot to change it. [​IMG]
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    Mine are approaching a year old now; but still aren't giants compared to the other breeds I have. I think it takes them 18 months+ to finish growing.
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    Getting them from a breeder as you are I expect they'll be quite a bit larger than if you got them from a hatchery as I did.

    Mine are larger than the other breeds but not too massive. One of my Barred Rocks is just about as big. It isn't noticeable like "holy cow what is that giant chicken in there!" [​IMG] But if you pick them up they are quite hefty.

    Mine are sweet and calm and aren't at all bothered by the cold in the winter. They don't lay as well as the others but are the only ones that have gone broody for me.

    There really isn't anything I don't like about them. Congrats on the eggs, be sure to post pics when they hatch! [​IMG]

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