Anybody raise or heard of Silgo link

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  1. Hello ,
    My Father-in-law been talking about getting Silgo links he had many years ago . He has been talking about getting some but he doesnt know where to get them. Does anybody raise this breed or have any info on them ? What do they look like ? if anybody has any pics would love to see them.

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    Yep, little red hens in white underware is what my In-Laws call them. They are a sexlinked chicken. The only hatchery that I know of that sells them by that name is Marti's hatchery. All the other hatcheries have golden comets etc. They are slightly different but similar.
    Christie [​IMG]
  3. Kool thank you very much will have to go there and check them out.
    Thats a kool name there that the in-laws have for them [​IMG]


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