Anybody selling any jumbo eggs?


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
I'm looking at possibly buying some eggs in a couple weeks. I've got 5 quail left now and I want to get back up to having about 10 or 15 hens (only have 4 now). Plus the boys are quite tasty.

I've bought off of Ebay before. From two different sellers (renegaderidge and old_tradition_ways) and both were a pain to deal with. I bought 50 eggs from one and only ended up with 17 chicks, the other one I also ordered 50. They were supposed to be A&M, but only 7 or 8 were. The rest were browns. I was supposed to have another batch shipped to me by one seller but they never did ship them and retreated from ebay for a few months.

I'm fine with A&M or browns, it's just frustrating to pay extra for one kind and end up with another
I have Jumbo eggs in Browns and whites (penned separately). If you want one or the other or a combo let me know and we can work something out. The birds get big but like those that say with show quality birds, not every egg hatches out to be show quality, in the Jumbo quail world, not every Jumbo egg will be big, but they lay or become dinner
We also have Jumbo Browns and Goldens. Stock comes from The James-Marie Farms.A certified research,production,and development facility.Working on larger,better birds for egg and meat production.

On another note...I too have had issues with Old_tradition_ways. Ordered some Giant Pekin eggs from them.Ad stated that they would be shipped out first thing monday morning,never received them.They tried to blame it on the storms that went through a few weeks ago.We tried contacting them,with no success.Once we involved Ebay they decided to call us and get quite rude. TRied to say we didnt contact them. THEN a few days later they said they contacted the PO and tracked the eggs down,they were under water in Missourri from flooding. yada..yada..yada..all the while being rude.Then when they receive neg feedback they get all hostile and calling our home... Come to find out we have come across 3 people we know who have had bad dealings with her. All being SERIOUS. one ordered 400 eggs,got 200...30 of them hatched...Were supposed to been jumbo browns and he got ALL kinds of colors.none of them got near the size of our browns.most were the size of my 4 week old Range...
Yep.. That stuff happened to me to. It took about a week and a half (after the eggs were SHIPPED) for them to get to me. She said that the local PO is no good and that the eggs had gotten lost but eventually turned up. Since they were taking so long she said that she'd send another batch, two or three days later I thanked her but she said that she wasn't shipping them because she was tracking the first box and they were almost here.. Then the eggs eventually hatched and I saw that I had mostly browns and a Manchurian.. She said she'd ship me a batch of A&M (Supposedly her daughter collected the other eggs from the wrong pens). She never shipped them.
Of course in the middle of all this I was tricked into leaving positive feedback because she promised that she'd send me the right eggs.. But that never happened
uh huh.....she called my huuby IRATE because she received a neutral feedback from us and totally went off on him.And this was after we had started hearing stories from very real people right in front of our face...not to mention internetters like you. She got furious because someone called her bluff. Hubby wouldn't let me on the phone,because I wouldn't have been as nice as him.To have someone non stop calling harrassing him,and leaving rude messages because she screwed up.She tried to blame it on the weather.If we had tornadoes and crap come through and tear our place up,I'm sending my customers messages,letting them know there would be a slight delay and what had happened.... Not wait more than a week and then only because Ebay stepped in.
Dont you LOVE how everyone wants to blame things on the kids? I had a woman say the same thing awhile back.her kid was around 2.I don't let my 2 year old mess with my eggs.Besides the cracking issues... just the whole health issue.She tends put her hands all in her face and mouth. Dont want my baby getting 4 yr old helps us,but she also brings them straight to us,then sanitizes her hands(on her own.) but she's a bit OCD about that.

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