Anybody selling eggs in Pennsylvania / PA?

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    I would like to find out more about selling eggs (not to stores but directly to consumers) in Pennsylvania.
    - Can you reuse cartons?
    - Do I need to have some kind of insurance in case someone eats my eggs and gets sick and decides to sue me?
    - What else should I do/or not do to stay out of any kind of trouble?
    I will probably call the number below next week to get some more info. But in the meantime if anybody has any info or tips to share, please post a message.

    So far I found this info on

    Eggs in Pennsylvania: Small Producers
    Many individuals with small flocks of laying hens prefer to market their own eggs. If an egg producer has less than 3,200 laying hens and sells eggs within five days from the date of lay and sells eggs predominately within a 100 mile radius of their production or processing facility, then the following summary of regulations will apply when selling eggs to the consumer.
    All eggs must be maintained at 60 degrees F or less from the time of gathering to the time of sale. This also applies to eggs sold at farmers markets or at roadside stands.
    Each carton, flat, or container of eggs must be labeled with the following information:
    Name and address
    Date of lay
    Statement of identity (eggs)
    Net Contents (in 3/16 inch high letters)
    "Keep Refrigerated"
    Egg Handling Instructions
    If you do not weigh the eggs or if they are mixed sizes, and you do not wish to assign a grade, they must be labeled unclassified. You also must remove dirty, leaker, or loss eggs.
    Weight Classes
    Size Per Dozen Per 30 Dozen Individual Egg Min. Wt. on Egg Scale Individual Egg Min. Wt. on Other Scales
    Jumbo 30 oz 56 lb 29 oz 2.42 oz
    Extra Large 27 oz 50.5 lb 26 oz 2.17 oz
    Large 24 oz 45 lb 23 oz 1.92 oz
    Medium 21 oz 39.5 lb 20 oz 1.67 oz
    Small 18 oz 34 lb 17 oz 1.42 oz
    Peewee 15 oz 28 lb

    There are three consumer grades of eggs -- Grade AA, Grade A and Grade B. In order to mark your eggs with these terms, they must meet the requirements for the marked grade. If you would like to grade your eggs and need further information on requirements for consumers grades, please contact the PA Department of Agriculture Egg Division at 717-787-3294.
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    I think you have all the info there... but I'd like to know about the insurance question, too.
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    hello all

    what if you fit that description but would like to sell eggs to stores for resale and Restaurants?

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