anybody selling poop?


9 Years
Apr 28, 2010
some corn field in central il.
not sure where to put this question, so i just put it here in "managing your flock". was curious if anyone here is selling chicken poop ? i have heard that serious gardeners BUY the stuff. i'm thinking "if someone is gonna buy this stuff, i'm gonna see if i can't make me a little extra money". so, if there are any poop sellers out there, who are you selling it to and how much are you charging? where's gotta be a market for this stuff, right?
thanx for the info.
I don't sell poop but I give it away for free. I have an organic customer (egg customer) that has a garden and he comes to collect the poop from my rabbits and chickens on a regular basis. I think that most people would love to buy chicken poop. So you may want to post something on Craigslist that you are selling it and see what kind of responses you get. I first posted that I had Free Fertilizer and this same person (my new egg customer) responded to my ad and now he is a regular customer. In fact, he gives me a dollar more than the regular cost of my eggs. He says that feed costs a lot and he wants to contribute to my feed bill. Keep us posted if you get any paying customers.
I've seen several ads on Craigslist for manure (chicken, goat, and horse seem to the be the most popular around here). Most people are offering it for free, but maybe you could get lucky and sell some. Good luck!
I offer it for free mixed in with bedding/compost/grass clippings/ and old veggies. Perhaps there is a market for it where you live but here soooo many people are getting rid of their compost free I don't dare charge or i'd never get rid of it.

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