Anybody use Swiffer products in their house?

I have used Swiffer dusters on the blinds for quick in-between cleanings. Nothing will replace just taking them down and scrubbing them outside on the patio or better yet putting them in the trash. I clean houses for a living and I hate them. The swifters are expensive also. I think I figured I was paying around 70 cents a piece . Depending on the condition of your blinds you might get one blind done with one swifter. If you don't change them often you are only moving the dirt around. I have tried to even just use a microfiber towel sprayed with a little Pledge for light dusting. Take my advice and just pitch them and go bare or use curtains.
Yup..i have the swifer vaccuum.(that thing picks up animal hair pretty darn good!!).. and the swifter mop thingie ...(for quick clean ups..)
But nothing works like a good old fashioned mop and bucket... and my Dyson animal.
But they do work well in a pinch..

OOh and as for blinds.. I just toss mine when they need dusting and get new ones..

I hate dusting blinds..
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Maggie, thanks so much for answering. I clean houses for pay too, but I also have office jobs. I did a modern house yesterday where they had approximately two million windows with 5 million sets of mini blinds, many of them up higher than normal window height. But the lady wants them cleaned. (I think I detest her...)

Am I about to take down 5 million sets of blinds and scrub them in her tub? No, not unless she pays me three times the amount.

I did Google "how to clean Venetian blinds", and most sites did recommend the dunk method, either hosing outside or tub dunking inside. I guess I'm doomed.
My sentiments exactly!

And as for the woman with the millions of blinds, she WOULD either pay me extra, A LOT extra or she would be finding another cleaning lady. I have tried the tub method and ended up with a terrible back ache after the first one. My husband helps me clean and he always is in charge of the windows. He takes the blinds down and outside they go. We re-hang them in the window to dry. It's just too crazy to try to hang them all outside and take the chance of the wind bending them up. Good luck with the blinds and don't do all that work for nothing. If the windows merit having to use a ladder they really aren't worth your trouble without major $$$$$
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Good god... theres not enough money in the world to pay me for that job...

Tell her it'd be CHEAPER to just buy NEW blinds then to pay you the EXTRA money to wash them all...
I love the dusters. I don't care if it is expensive. My husband will dust if I keep him supplied. That is worth more than gold.
I love my blinds but they do suck at dusting and I hated it!

I have those thick wide blinds, not so bad like the tiny blinds.

I think it may be time to go back to curtains and window shades that just flaps upward LOL!
I have the swiffer wet jet..great for swiping across the floor b4 company ect. Someone here is always dragging mud in the house lol. Haven't used the dusters on my blinds but I think they could work if used really often so alot of nuild up isn't on there to start with?

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