Anybody wanna play guess that Cochin?


11 Years
Apr 11, 2011
I've had my suspicions about a couple of my McMurray babies for a while, and I've posted pics of this bird here before. Most everybodies responses were the same: could be a boy, could be a girl, give them a little more time. They're a little over 19 weeks now, so I thought I would try again
These are all LF Cochins. First up is Mutha Clucka (lovingly named by my DH- this is the PG version hubby uses in front of the kids
not sure why they seem to despise each other, I think MC is a sweetie). He's a black Cochin- and I say he because I've suspected he's a he for a while now. No crowing or roosterish behavior, so I'm going on looks alone. He's pretty manly in the looks department, and is still growing feathers (which look all kinds of disheveled, not neat and tidy like my pullets). Here's Mutha Clucka:


This next chickie, who I've been calling General Tso, I picked up off craigslist. The lady I got it from hatched it from shipped eggs from a breeder. I picked up 3 cockerals all together, but I'm not so sure this one is a boy. They're in quarentine with 1 of my McMurray pullets, and the General likes to hang around with her more than its 2 hatch mates. The obvious cockerals are already crowing and making those trilling sounds they make when they see a "predator". The General runs and hides in the corner with Mary Belle, the pullet. Here's General Tso:


And for comparrison, here's Chick Norris. My stud muffin. He's the same age as the General but has a huge comb and wattles and is about twice his size. Chick:


Chick and the General are 17 weeks old. Sorry for the novel, just trying to give as much info as possible to make your jobs easy. So, what do y'all think? Thanks in advance!
WOW I sure wish I could help you with this one, but I am having the same problem with sexing one of mine. My guess is your top one looks like the one I have in question. I would guess boy, because of the feathering. My 2 girls have super small combs, and their feathering looks different.(wish I could explain what I mean by that LOL) Good Luck!
Thanks guys. I feel sort of bad, because the lady I got the 3 cockerals from only ended up with 2 pullets out 15 eggs she hatched. So if the General is a lady, she probably would have wanted to keep it
but, I guess that just the way it goes sometimes. Would it help if I got some better pictures? My quarentine chicks have finally made it into the general population, so its much easier to get some body shots of them now........thanks again!

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