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  1. [​IMG] I have my first little boy Joey Glider, who's name is Gizmo Carlisle Grant Mojo Pookie Pigwidgeon (I CANNOT pick a darn name, I'm working on it!) and he is the coolest thing.

    So, anyone else have one or two or more? I'm going to get a second one as soon as he's bonded, right now I've been wearing him in a bonding pouch for 6-8 hours a day with a break for potty and food and water and only handling him out of pouch for about 10 mins a day since I've only had him less than a week.
    He's almost completely stopped crabbing at me. I can't wait until he's completely bonded [​IMG]
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    I used to have a couple, twin sisters, but one passed suddenly and they are ALOT of work when alone and with school I just couldn't get another one and couldn't spend enough time with the one left so she went to live with another glider.

    Please make sure your feeding a proper diet. They need to have a home made diet as the pellets you get in the store do not cover all their nutritional needs and can be detrimental. I used to hang out over at Those folks are an encyclopedia of useful information.

    Also think about getting a same sex friend for yours when you do. There are already unwanted gliders out there and these guys can reproduce like bunnies, well maybe not quite... but you get the picture.
  3. Quote:Thanks for the advice. I've been reading like CRAZY about their diet and I do spend about 15-20 minutes each night making his "dinner".
    When I got him the girl who gave him to me gave me a huge bag of monkey biscuits and some treats and that was it. Good thing I love to read and learn about different animals.
    I'm in the process of figuring out which pelleted diet I should buy for him from one of the online sugar glider speacial store while for now feeding him the monkey biscuits (free choice dry ones and 2 per night soaked in 100% organic fruit nectar, he loves them like that), then some various fruits and veggies chopped up, a small dollop of yogurt, sometimes a little applesauce, meal worms, and every other day I have been giving him some rep-cal mixed in honey off a spoon. Does this sound ok for now? I'm doing the best I can with the crappy advice I was originally given. I'm suprised her gliders were so clean and healthy only eating monkey biscuits and some fruits/veggies.
    He also loves dried fruit pieces and yogurt covered raisins (only really eats the "yogurt" off them though).
    He's also been enjoying fresh blueberries, peas, and raspberries from my garden, he's pretty spoiled. I spend a TON of time with him. He's like my constant companion. He's not crabbing at me anymore when I talk to him and look at him in the pouch and this morning he jumped to me from a curtain in my closet where I have been hanging with him for out of pouch time in the morning [​IMG]
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  4. I wanted to add that even when though I plan to buy a pellet diet for him to have free choice he'll always still get his nightly dinner made up by me of fruits, veggies, bugs, etc. I would never expect him to eat just that dry crap in the bag...
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    I've got a breeding pair and a set of joeys right now. The joeys are one male and one female. I've had upwards of 25 before, when I was actively rescuing gliders (and other small exotics). I feed BML, various fruits and veggies (some fresh from our garden), and mealworms every night. Some things to look out for in their diet, do not, under any circumstances, feed anything that contains lima beans (cooked or raw), onion, garlic, or rhubarb. All of these things are toxic to gliders. If you plan on ever feeding baby food (it's great for a quick food or when you're in a time pinch), be sure to check labels. Just so you know, the creamed spinach baby food (I think it was gerber, not sure though) contains garlic powder! I wouldn't feed them raisins, even the yogurt covered ones. They may contain traces of aflotoxins (sp?), which, again, are toxic to gliders. Aflotoxins may also be found in/on various nuts (also generally bad for gliders), grapes (ok, but I peel mine), and crickets (mine still get them once in a while). I prefer to feed wild crickets for treats, but we live in a heavy agricultural district that does not use herbicides or pesticides, and uses natural fertilizers (like bunny, goat, or chicken poo). You may not have access to healthy wild crickets.

    My biggest advice on them, have at least two. If you have a male, either get another male (they will stink some once they reach puberty, but it does calm down), or get your male neutered when he reaches six months old and get a little girl. In my experiences, the males are much sweeter than females, but most of mine have been re-homes and rescue situations.

    Be prepaired to keep the little guy for upwards of 12-20 years. Yes, they do live that long.

    If you haven't looked it over yet, go check out Glider Central. It is a forum much like BYC with a wealth of knowledge contained within it. Don't take offence at anything anyone says there though, they really do just want the best for the gliders, and some people are a little over zealous. I've had to learn that! Here is their website:

    I were going to ever feed a pelleted diet, I would go with Zookeeper's Secret.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of being owned by a suggie!

    Emily in NC
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    I used have 12 of them. They are a lot of work and can be very messy. However, they are the sweetest cuddle butts! I had to get rid of them when I had cancer due to the risk of infection. I miss them, but they went to a very good home. [​IMG]
  7. Well he better live 12-20 years, I was totally prepared for that and their long life span was one of the reasons I decided to get one.
    I need to get him a Wodent Wheel with the nail sanding insert, those nails are killing me!

    I do definately plan on getting another. I'm thinking about saving for a luecistic or a mosaic. I just want to make sure this guy is very tame with me before I go and get another that will need to be bonded/tamed.
    He's making leaps and bounds all of a sudden and I didn't expect that, two days ago he hated me almost and now this morning he's stuck to me like glue and grooming my fingers and taking treats from my hands. Does the bonding process usually do such a 360 so fast? He's only 11 weeks oop, so he's little and I've heard it's much easier to bond with a joey than it is with an adult.

    I will not give him anymore raisins now that I know this, thanks. He wasn't eating them really anyway, just taking the yogurt off but I still wouldn't want to risk it at all. I'm so attached to him already.

    When I get number two and they are okay being together do I just pop both into my bonding pouch during the day or do I need to wear two seperate pouches?

    I'm fine with everyones advice, it doesn't bother me, I just want the best for him and I want him around for a really long time. He's not going anywhere. [​IMG]

    He was alone when I got him as he was the only joey and had been seperated from his mum and dad for a bit before hand so he was used to being alone and now he's with me ALL day and I visit with him late in the night when I get up (insomniac) so I feel pretty confident that I'm meeting his needs for company for the time being but I really do know that another glider will give him enrichment that I could never give him so he will have a buddy [​IMG]

    And man he does make a mess with his dinner every night but I just tidy up his cage in the morning and it's been a good system.

    I've been making him all sorts of cool fleece hammocks and tubes and things for his cage lately, all suggie safe of course lol

    Who knew I'd get so attached to a little fuzz ball in a week!
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    If you're going to save for a leu glider, be prepaired to be put on a mile long waiting list! Those things are extremely hard to find, let alone get. Albinos are second, mosaics are third, and on down the line. I would love to get a breeding pair of white faced blondes.

    Plain yogurt (I feed Bryers fruit on the bottom yogurt to mine) is great. It has calcium and live cultures to help their tummies stay healthy.

    There is an introduction process that usually (~95% of the time) must be done before letting two gliders together if they don't know one another. Once in a while you will luck up and they will love each other from moment one, but it is rare. You typically have to have them in cages beside of one another (close, but not where they can touch), and switch pouches between the cages. You can continue to bond with both of them at the same time by just wearing two seperate pouches until they become accustomed to one another.

    Do you know how long he was away from his mom and dad before you got him? I absolutely do not wean before 8 weeks, and preferrably not before 10 weeks. I typically leave joeys in with their parents until they are either sold or reach six months old (maturity for males, near maturity for females). Older siblings usually help take care of the younger ones.

    If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for your little guy? I typically charge $125 for males and $150 for females. I'm on the east coast, and prices do vary a bit across the country. Also, if you ever plan to travel, you'll have to take him with you (or get a very good petsitter), and you'll have to stay out of certain states. California and Georgia are two of the biggest "illegal" states. There are a few more, but I don't ever plan on going far out of state (NC), and all of our surrounding states are ok with gliders and other exotics.

    Emily in NC
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    Forgot to say, wodent wheels are nice, but my favorite kind of wheel is the stealth wheel. They cost a pretty penny, but are virtually indestructable and are completely silent. Here is a link to a place to buy them:

  10. He had been away from mum and dad for a tad over two weeks before I got him. There was a problem with him and one of the other colony females (she had one GIANT cage with one male and 3 females in it, one other of which also had joeys about to come oop and she had bit my little guy so she pulled him a few days early). If it were me I would only have pairs per cage if you plan to breed but maybe that's just me...

    I paid $150 for him and he came with a bonding pouch, the monkey biscuits, caresheets, treats, and alot of talking to his breeder. She is a really nice woman, I just think she needs to learn more and apply it. Her gliders are all bright eyed and bushy tailed and her cage(s) were all spotless but I think she needs to really learn more about their dietary needs.

    I love the red Stealth wheel! I may need to get me one of those [​IMG]
    Do you use the trim tracks too? How are they? My arms are starting to look a tad shredded lol

    Luckily I don't travel much if ever. I pretty much stay in RI and once a year visit my best friend in IL. Where can I find a list of the illegal states? I might just google it now and see....

    And my god I LOVE the ringtails too!!!

    Where on the east coast are you?


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