Anyine else seen a 45+lb Black cat?

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  1. Not sure where to post this but here goes. I am working this morning when I get a text from the wife telling me she just saw a cat as big as our brendle Pit Bull. [​IMG] I go to break and I ask her where and she says down about 1 mile from the house. I have seen things about people saying they have seen black panthers on discovery or one of those channels and most have been proven wrong becuase of backround objects making them look the size of an ordinary house cat. So I ask her how close was it to where she was in the car. She says right next to her in the carby a stop sign. I ask her was it a housecat. She says have you ever seen a housecat the size of our pitt bull? Just curious but anyone else seen anything like this before?
  2. Yes, I live in wisconsin and when I was walking my dogs down a remote dirt road, a HUGE black panther thing crossed the road in front of us. I was close enough to tell that it was not a house cat. All of the dogs went crazy even though they get along really well with cats.
    There was a panther that ran through a chicago neighborhood and they shot it. DNA tests revealed that it had in fact been from wisconsin. The DNR keeps on trying to disprove every single sighting but lately there have been more and more.
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    Im looking at a 37lb grey house cat right now. When I adopted Fatboy, he had been languishing in a 3x3 plexiglass kennel at a "No Kill" shelter for close to a year, with nothing to do but eat. I have had him on a diet for close to 6 months, and he is still a chunk, sooo, nothing would suprise me.
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    You know, I saw a bobcat in my yard recently......and if you had told me a week before that there was a bobcat nearby, I might have passed out from laughter.
    Where are you located? Different changes in habitat, or even hunger, can drive animals out of their normal surroundings. That would freak me out. Those Black panthers hide in trees and POUNCE on their prey.

    Grab the cat, dog, and chickens, and get inside quick! [​IMG]
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    I had a 40 lb Garfield looking cat a few years back. He was the sweetest thing! And would eat while laying down at his bowl...too funny.
  6. Quote:Did you take him to the vet? He probally has a slow motabolism (sp?). My dog had been on a diet for almost a year and he actually GAINED wieght. The vet tested him and gave us pills to stimulate his motabolism. He has already lost 20 pounds.
  7. lol i know what you mean about fat cats but she said this guy or girl was slender and big, with an emphasis on big. Also I live in the Missouri ozarks where dnr still denies the existence of panthers still being around. But I have talked to more than one person that says they have seen one and a few that have good pictures of a cougar about 1/8 of a mile down the road. when i say 45+ lbs it is because my dog weighs 50 or so. this cat could have weighed more according to her. I was giving a rough estimate. Last thing is I have seen bobcats around here but has been awhile. How scary lol. [​IMG]
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    Hes healthy, but the time he spent in lock-up did him no favors. I put him on a calorie restricted diet, and he got his activity level increased to the nth degree when he moved in here with my 4 kids and the little yap dog in the house, but the vet told me that the damage was done when he was locked up in a small cage with nothing to do but eat and sleep for over a year. He is 7 and he earns his keep by catching mice, so he is faster than he looks, but he will never be a svelte little thing, he is also really tall, and he has a head the size of a small canteloupe.

    just wanted to clarify, he had been in the "no kill" shelter for close to a year, he was in the regular shelter for several months before they transferred him to the other facility, and he had belonged to some college kids in an apartment until the cute wore off, so he has never been a really athletic cat.
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    Our wildlife office has refused to admit there are cougars in Kansas for years despite repeated sightings. Our neighbor got some pretty good pictures on his wildlife cam and they (KDW) say they're of a deer. My hubby saw the pictures and said it's not a deer....looked like a cougar to him. This past winter someone finally shot and killed one in the southern part of the state and he got in trouble because there's no season on them. I'd say in those Ozark hills there's plenty of places for them to live and not be seen too often.
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    We had some black panthers that roamed around here. We saw 1 the summer we moved in. People warned us but we didn't believe they lived down here until it visited our front yard and eyeballed my little dog. LOL That winter they put up an oil rig just down the street from us. Nobody has seen 1 since. Poor things are loosing their habitats.

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