AnyOne Collect or Know About Pre-War Lionel Trains??


10 Years
May 26, 2009
I was wondering if anyone here happens to know about early model Lionel trains. My hubby picked up a few pieces at our local yearly antique and junk sale, but we are having trouble telling for sure what it is or when its made. We've done a bit if research, but would like to know more. Wish I could post pics, but my camera is DOA right now.

Heres a description- The engine is dark green, runs on an O gauge rails, has the # 253 on the sides, has metal plate on bottom saying its a Lionel, made in NY. I am pretty sure it is from around the late 20's or early 30's. It has a switch on the lower corner panel to hand switch the gears from forward motion to reverse.
It came with all the controls and switches- the plug looks positively pre-historic! It runs too! But it needs the carbon on one of the wheels replaced.

It also came with a green caboose, and a open top rail car (the kind you haul stuff in, I guess) and another car that has pointy things all around and it had little wooden sticks in it, like they are supposed to be logs from a lumber camp. The log hauler is red though, and doesnt have a number, just an oil paper sticker on the bottom. The other cars are the same green as the engine.
Also in the box was one of those signal things that has a swinging stop sign, and when it swings, a red light comes on- that one is in the original box with its original info sheet. We got a bunch of tracks too. All was wrapped up in newspapers from 1974 and 77! Very cool to look at those ads! There was a microwave oven advertised for almost $600!!!!

Anyways, we paid $100 bucks for all of it, and now we're wondering just how great a find it is. Hubby thinks we could easily re-sell for a profit, I think it would be a great gift for my dad. Buuuuut, then again, I have had my eye on a certain, new Brinsea incubator.......

Can anyone please tell me more about these trains, or point us in the right direction to a website where we could compare what we found, and maybe determine the value?


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