Anyone else enjoy their koi pond and or watergardening??


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Mar 21, 2010
I was just wondering if their are any other koi pond enthusiasts out there? Here is a pic of my pond, which has been
a work in progress. It has progressed so much over the last 8 years now. I cant wait for spring to come
and the ice to melt once again so I can start seeing all my beautiful fish!!! Every spring is a whole new rebirth.
Here are some pics, hope you enjoy!!

you have no idea how much I envy you at this point, this is a project my husband and I are very much looking forward to starting this year. It looks fantastic btw!!

My big boy and I are redoing my pond. Due to deer and other critters it was a mucky little hole last summer. This spring we have more than doubled the size of the pond (still on the small side) and I'm planning the bog and waterfall. We have a really nice pond shop/nursery here, and I've been in twice already looking at their set ups and asking lots of questions. I'm going out to pick rocks this week and hopefully get the bog and waterfall started.

I won't do koi, just goldfish. I've lost too many fish to raccoons, and have had herons in the yard.
Well I have three 8-10 inch koi and the rest are all shubunkins (goldfish). I have about
50 of them. Of course every year they mate and multiply so I try to weed some of them out
in the spring/summer. Honestly I have never had problems with raccoons however I have lost
a few fish to the heron. That is one reason we added the pergula. Also for shade too in the summer.
I am growing honeysuckle on two of the sides. Eventually I hope it covers the whole pergula.
However this is a work in progress!!! In the meantime we use a tarp in the summer and thread it
thru the pipes on the pergula. It helps keep some of the sun of the pond since it is in direct sun all
day long. Also helps hide the pond from herons. I dont know if you can see from the pics but I also
use heavy metal wire and criss cross them from the side posts. This helps keep the herons from gaining
entrance if they do land down. Also the bogs work very well!!! They are nice because the koi dont really
bother the plants in there. Also I would tell you from experience when you go to plant your plants in the bogs
dont plant anything that will have a huge root base. Such as irises. Planted those and after two years they grew so much.
They started pushing all the rocks and the bog wall out into the pond. Had to rip those out last year and fix the walls again.
Just a warning to you. But yes, I do love my pond and find it very relaxing . Love my chickens too!!
What a beautiful pond! The one I put in years ago is now a nasty mess but it still grows water lillies great. In fact, some years I fork out half of them and put them in the compost. My problem is, it's too small and no pump any more. But as I say, the lillies love it still and it doesn't stagnate.
That is a beautiful pond. Mine is a lot smaller.

Have had problems with both raccoons and herons. Last fall some bird came in the night and got around the netting and wiped out all the goldfish. Ugh! So I'll be reevaluating this year. Here's a pix, but I did redo a lot last spring.


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