Anyone else going to swap in FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA Tommorrow?

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    Jul 19, 2011
    Hi everyone! I live in The whereabouts of VA. I have been breeding randomly mixed chicks, and tommorrow will be going to an animal swap in Farmville at their local Tractor Supply Co. To sell them. It is being hosted by the Pet Chickens Of Virginia club. (website:, here they have a list of all of their swap dates and times.) It is from 8AM to 2PM. I have been before, and just love it. Many local people bringing rabbits, ducks, turkeys, all sorts, and mainly chickens. I bought 4 guinea keets and 2 Red Golden Pheasant chicks(that i was told was a breeding pair because the breeder could sex them) from there once from some very nice breeders.I will be selling about 20 chicks, the Red Golden Pheasant pair(because..... well, its a long story short, I won't have any place to put them.) And 3 adult chickens- A White Crested Black Polish Cockerel and two silkie hens, a black and a white. [​IMG] I can't wait!!!! I hope I can see someone there to buy my chicks! [​IMG] Some come to Tractor Supply Saturday in Farmville and buy something! I would be nice to see someone from here!

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