Anyone else have a silkie who is feeling the season change?


9 Years
Jul 14, 2010
Wilkesboro NC
We have one confirmed silkie pullet named "NeeNee". Hopefully some of you will remember the joy she brought us last fall when she went broody without ever having layed an egg and brooded 3 or more sets of chicks at the young age of 5 months old. I noticed yesterday that she is spending a ridiculous amount of time in the nest box...she's been laying well for a couple of months now, but I haven't seen her out of the nest box, of her own choice, since Saturday. Hoping it's time to move her and give her some eggs!

I moved her to be by herself this afternoon and came home to an "un broody" girl! I guess she's not sure how she feels..
I had a splash silkie hen do that to me... I gave her a couple eggs to sit on but she changed her mind. Now two weeks later I have THREE broody silkies, sitting on only 4 eggs total.

Not that it is a laughing matter, but the mental image of those angry mamas sharing 4 little eggs just makes me giggle...

My girl is very angry at me right now for taking her from her coop...will probably return her to it tomorrow but she hogs the nest box that is the favorite!
I've got 1 silkie and 2 silkie crosses setting right now on some of my Polish eggs. I noticed them trying to hatch yesterday. I'm sure there will be babies for me when I get home from work. I can't get them to stop unless I give them some chicks!
one of my silkies wanted to go broody, she pulled all her belly feathers out ,but was still laying so i let her be, then she started staying on the empty nest so i booted her butt out and locked the door in the late afternoon-evening when no one was laying, then opened it up right before dark. it took her 4 days to get over it but now she is laying again. i would let her sit but i dont have fertile eggs.
My crazy broodie black silkie has been seting for 2 weeks and started pullin feathers so my oldest and i MOVED HER to solitary confinement !!!! she is not happy !!hopefully she will start laying again and get reintroduced to general population seeing as how 9 are due from incubator on 3-9 and 26 due from murray mc on 3-14-3-17???????we'll see:jumpy

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