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  1. LukeandAli

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    Nov 28, 2011
    Carver, Oregon
    I just got 6 chickens (2BR, 1Ameracauna, 1Araucana, 1NHR, 1JG) and 1 khaki campbell and I can't help but love my Barred Rocks. I already like the look of them; but, now, I just love the birds in general (and I have a favorite of my 2 BRs--"Birdie" who cam with her best friend "Berta" the khaki campbell duck). I'd post pix if I could figure it out (I'm almost there!); but, I'd love to see your pictures in the meantime. So, anyone else love their barred beauties? Show 'em off here!
  2. speckledhen

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    ME! They have always been my favorite. Here are my youngest ones:



    Lost my two oldest BR hens over the past year or so. My two current oldest, Becca & Amanda, are about to turn 5 yrs old, then I have Fern, 3, and her daughter, Barbara, who is almost 2.

    Amanda, who is the daughter of McMurray parents:



  3. lucky123

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    Sep 12, 2009
    That rooster is a beauty. What line of rocks are these? I didn't know there was another line of barred rocks out there other than the good shepard line that had barring that nice.
  4. mrkpero

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    Sep 26, 2008
    I love mine! I have two. One of them is the most "talkative" of all my girls. Great pics,by the way!
  5. harleyjo

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    May 6, 2010
    SW Iowa
    I agree, very beautiful! My first thought was that these aren't hatchery birds!
  6. speckledhen

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    Those lines are Marvin Stukel out of Arizona. He's been perfecting this line for over 30 years, I understand.
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  7. corgiscatsandchickens

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    Jun 3, 2011
    Oh, golly yes! It had been years and a move waaay farther south since we had chickens, so we did our homework before settling on our little BR flock. They have got to be the sweetest chickens I've ever known! Love the quirky BR personalities! A couple of my girls frequently stand in the coop door long after dark stargazing. They just seem to enjoy it!

    Our roo isn't as pretty as yours (wow he is handsome [​IMG]) but I never get tired of talking about him because he's the sweetest thing. Loves to be carried around a cradled like a baby. A real gentleman with his girls, but protects them beautifully! (That's him in my avatar pic)

    Love Barred Rocks??? Count me in!!!
  8. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude Premium Member

    My first BRs were two hens from Ideal. They would have been 6 this month, but died over the past year. My Fern is the daughter of one of them, my crippled rooster, Zane, is the son of the other one. Barbara, pictured above, is Fern's daughter. Becca and Amanda were hatched here from eggs given to me by a friend who had a BR flock from McMurray hatchery. I really like my show quality heritage Rocks, but the love of Rocks began with my hatchery hens. I love them all.

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