anyone else think those feathered chicken legs are creepy?


11 Years
Sep 8, 2008
The latest addition to my flock of seven is a BCM pullet -- I just can't help thinking it looks creepy to see those feathers growing out the sides of her legs ---

We don't have any 'feather-footed' breeds but I think Silkies are darling as well as Frizzles -- their feathery feet don't bother me, but, the feathers sticking out of "Mabel's" legs creep me out!

She's a big girl with long feathery legs -- shudder --

Am I the only one?
I hope I can make myself think they are 'cute' ---

We recently washed the feet of all the chickens and coated them with vaseline as one looked as if she might be getting those scaly leg-mites --
'Mabel's' long silvery legs with feathers growing out the sides looked even creepier when they were wet --

New experience for me -- to be 'bothered' by anything having to do with chickens! (other than eating chicken -- ugh)
I think it is all in what you like, I like both.. But Cochins and Silkies are my favorites but I love the Orpingtons too.. But NO I don't think feathered feet are Creepy..

it's not the fluffy feathery feet that bother me -- I think those are kinda cute --

it's the stiff feathers growing out the sides of the legs -- and no feathers on the rest of the foot -- fascinating, but creepy to me --
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I guess it doesn't bother me as I have brahmas, salmon faverolles and silkies.

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