Anyone elses chicks delivered late to the P.O?


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May 27, 2010
Reno, Nevada
Cuz now I'm super worried..

They were sent last night via express next day shipping. They had a guarantee delivery time of noon today. Well that was ten minutes ago and the online tracker does not even show them in Reno! In fct, it shows their check in at the original location, but does not say "left x airport". So now I'm super worried. I called my p.o. And they said they have not gotten any live animal shipments today. I'm so bummed, it's just my luck. I paid up the bum to ensure these chicks would only be in transit for less than a day and now I have no clue where they are. Not to mention the weather is coming in tonight. *sigh*. what do you guys think of all this? These are not day olds. There are seven chicks from two to four weeks old in there and they are apparently crammed. I'm so worried out of my mind right now! Ghah!
Well first off, no one should ship birds of that age. You ship day old chicks, adults and nicely started youngsters. I would say 6-8 weeks.

And the best thing to do is to bypass your local post office and find out where the local distribution center is. Lots of times, the birds will come in on a plane that arrives after the mail truck has left the center to deliver to the post offices. Your birds will set there overnight unless you call and make arrangements to pick them up yourself.
That is really scary. Good thoughts and prayers for you and your chicks. After reading stories like this, I am so glad I get to pick mine up straight from Cackle. On the 15th Yay!

I seriously hope this all works out with a good ending.
I am so sorry!
I agree, find your local distribution center and get ahold of them.

Wishing you the best of luck! Keep us posted. Saying a prayer!
Thank you! I did talk to the main post office because they are actually the ones who deliver mail to our address. They are also located a block from the airport (Reno is a small town!). Idk guys, I feel very badly
Yep that's them. I swear trying to attain showgirls has been an absolute nightmare! The two that I do end up keeping are going to be ,like, 200 dollar birds each after all this! I just hope they're okay Is all. I've got fruit and electrolytes waiting at home just in case...
I'm so sorry about your chicks
I work for the Postal Service and I am so ashamed
I wish I could offer more advice. All I can tell you is that your package may not be scanned again until it gets to your Post Office. I hope it gets to you soon and your chicks are all right.
Express mail is handled a little differently than priority.
Your regular mail carrier will deliver priority but someone else USUALY delivers express.

I hope they arrive safe soon so you can commence fussing over them.
The waiting and worrying is the hardest.

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