Anyone ever breed a splash Ameraucana to a Barred Rock?


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May 8, 2009
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So I looked at the color charts, and it looks like if you get a splash true Ameraucana roo and breed to a Barred Rock, you will get a blue barred chicken. Has anyone done this, and if so, do you have a photo, (preferably of a hen?)
Also, I wonder if the darker brown egg color will supress the blue, or are thier various chances for what egg color you would get when these hens start to lay?
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Not exactly, but these girls are bearded Cuckoo / blue Cuckoo (blue Ameraucana X Barred Rock) and lay large blue/green eggs.




6 eggs lower right are from the Cuckoo/blue Cuckoo girls:

Good luck!
Cool - looks like the egg color is consistant - how about production? Do they lay as often and of a size similar to the Barred Rocks, the Ameraucanas, or somewhere in between?
Since I am only going to get one rooster, I thought I would go with the spash to guarantee blue.
it looks like if you get a splash true Ameraucana roo and breed to a Barred Rock (hen), you will get a blue barred chicken

I *think* doing it that way, you'd get solid blue females and blue barred males.
If you use a Barred Rock roo over solid (splash) hen, you *should* all blue barred chicks.

I hatched bearded and clean-faced chicks from the cross, but all the girls were green-eggers.
They are better layers than my Ameraucana and their eggs are considerably larger.


Well, I already have the BR hens, and I mostly care about blue, barring would be a bonus. And, I think they could be sexed at hatching that way (something about a head spot), which would be convenient.
Now, I also have some of the brown and gold colored EEs, some with beards and muffs, some not (I think some people say the color is wild type). I don't know what I would get in feather, maybe some blue, but at least the resulting EEs would be a little more likely to lay blue or green eggs, as they would be more than 1/2 Ameraucana.
Either way, I think that my resulting EEs from these crosses would be more desirable than the hatchery EEs.
I have a barred EE right now, the product of one of my Blue Ameraucana hens with my BR rooster. I also have a black barred EE like Dipsy's, who is the daughter of another of my Blue Ameraucana hens with a BR roo. She lays green eggs with tan speckles.
Here is Riley, my youngest:

edited to say, first of all I should have said, what beautiful birds, they are very exciting to look at.
then they got my mind racing and fingers typing, but first- pretty birds.

very interesting. wonder if this could happen,

1st gen
bearded splash roo x barred hen = 50% blue pullets and 50% blue, barred cocks

2nd gen
bearded blue barred roo x bearded, blue, feathered leg, olive egger hens (from another running project) = 25%black barred cocks, 25% black barred pullets and 25% blue barred cocks, 25% blue barred pullets (good luck with the beards and feathered legs here, I am guessing)

and if you had 1000 birds

3rd gen

bearded, blue barred, feathered leg, olive egger roo x bearded, blue barred, feathered leg, olive egger hen, and of course only pea combs and dark legs if we can do that = some likelihood of getting some really cool looking birds.

which of course one would then promptly take back to the splash pen.

just dreaming. good stuff here.
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Well, we will see what happens.
We added the Splash Ameraucana Roo and 3 Barred Rock Hens to the Hilton today.
Grandma Rita said she has had birds for 70+ years but never a Splash Ameraucana. Kinda makes sense in that they have only been around for ~30?
We have had 2 hatches of Splash Am. Roo over Barred Rocks. Pics coming soon, they are, barred, bearded, big. I think we have about 4-5 from first and 5-6 from second hatch.

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