Anyone ever had a little peep with a bum leg? Outcome?


9 Years
Apr 19, 2010
Oakland hills, CA
I succumbed to baby chicks at the feed store (again. and yes, I only needed FEED) and brought home a few silkies and frizzles. One silkie that I chose to take is tiny - much smaller than her supposed hatch-mates. (like 25% of their size). She looked like she was having a hard time so I couldn't let her just lay there and die.
She had a tough first few days - I hand fed her and kept her in a warm, quiet box next to her buddies. It appeared, at first, that just her foot was broken. I had a vet look at it - but she is so tiny it is hard to say. Now, two weeks later she is eating on her own, putting on weight (but boy is she a tiny peep) and seems alert. However she is still not really using that leg. I had hoped, if in fact only the foot was broken, she would compensate and at least use the leg somewhat. Has anyone had this experience and what ultimately was the outcome? Did the peep survive? Could it be ultimately integrated with the flock? Any feedback, suggestions most welcome. Thank you!

Winsor Woods

10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Cascade Range in WA
My broody hen hatched out some peeps last month, one of which had a leg problem. As best as I could determine, it was a slipped tendon because the hock joint moved forward and backward. It looked so painful. I found this website helpful for a wide variety of leg problems:

I was unable to help the little guy and we had to cull him. I was very sad to do that but I sure hope you have a better result with your little one. Please update it's condition here periodically.


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