Anyone ever put a automatic dishwasher in their barn/coop?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by flowerchild59, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. flowerchild59

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    Apr 25, 2010
    Southern IL
    We are in the process of running a water line just past the henhouse and we are going to put a tap into the coop. There is sufficient space in there to put in a dishwasher that we are taking out of the house (it leaks a little (more of a plumbing issue that needs corrected than a DW issue===don't want it in my kitchen, but would be ok out in the coop area). It would be so convenient to have it in the coop to run waterers and the such through a cycle with just a little bleach or ACV rather than washing them elsewhere. I would discharge the water far away from the coop so the used water wouldn't be near the run or coop.
    Of course my husband thinks I am over the top. He would have to run electricity to the coop and he really doesn't want to do that.
    Am I over the top or just getting practical in my old age??????????
  2. coonhoundmama87

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    Oct 26, 2011
    I think it's a good idea, in fact I'm a bit jealous I can't do the same. [​IMG] I hate having to bring stuff into the house to wash it! Tell him to suck it up, having electricity in the coop is a glorious thing!! [​IMG]
  3. Stephanie739

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    Oct 7, 2011
    I was thinking more about how great electricity in the coop would be too! [​IMG]
  4. Bear Foot Farm

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    Mar 31, 2008
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    It's just going to get nasty in a coop.

    Even if they can't get to it, they will kick up enough dust to ruin it.

    The first freeze will probably break the pump if the dust in the motor doesn't cause it to burn up first
  5. dirtsaver

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    Mar 20, 2010
    Northern Kentucky
  6. geepy

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    Feb 24, 2009
    central FL
    Quote:Ya could bury a 55 gal drum with holes and stone for a septic system for it to drain in. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  7. Imp

    Imp All things share the same breath- Chief Seattle

    If it's just an old dishwasher, you have nothing to lose.

  8. flowerchild59

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    Apr 25, 2010
    Southern IL
    Things to ponder.
  9. six_eclectic_chickens

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    Oct 2, 2011
    Just my two cents:
    Having electricity in the coop isn't that great a thing. You don't really need to do anything other than to hose out the waterers etc. Bleach and other cleaning agents might harm your flock if there is any residue left over. If the wires become exposed even slightly it could be a hazard to you and your flock. I would suggest against it.
  10. cmom

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    Nov 18, 2007
    My Coop
    I have electricity and water in my coops and love it. I have auto waterers for the birds.

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